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Saint Martha

9221 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Shores, FL 33138  Phone: (305) 751-0005
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This Week

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - January 14, 2018

Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigil Mass:
5:00pm in English.

English Sunday Masses:
8:30am and 10:30am.

Misas Dominicales en Español:

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturdays, 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

Daily Mass:
Monday-Saturday 8:30am in English.

Holy Day Masses:
8:30am and 11:45am in English / 7:00pm en Español.
Unless otherwise noted in the bulletin/ A menos que se indique otra hora en el boletin.

The Parish Mission of St. Martha Church

We, the Roman Catholic Parish of St Martha, are a diverse and multicultural parish in Miami Shores, Florida. As a vibrant Catholic community of faith, we seek to become closer to God through worship, prayer, sacraments, spiritual formation, fellowship and hospitality

Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, we go forth proclaiming the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ in order to make disciples and serve our brothers and sisters with our time, talents and treasure. Through our evangelization in word and deed, we strive to be the light of the world.

Knights of Columbus

Second Annual Free Throw Competition Open to Boys and Girls Ages 9-14.

Saturday, Jan. 20th beginning at 10:00am at the Parish Hall.

Food, Prizes and Fun! For more info call Vance Gulliksen at (305) 496-4680.

The Lamb of God

“Behold the Lamb of God!” We hear this phrase every Sunday at Mass, but there’s a good chance that many Roman Catholics do not know who in the Bible originally spoke it. The phrase appears only in the Gospel of John, on the lips of John the Baptist, who utters it twice. In today’s Gospel reading, John proclaims Jesus as the Lamb of God, and two of John’s own disciples then follow Christ. A little bit later Andrew, who heard John and then followed Jesus, brings his brother Simon to be re-named Cephas, or Peter. A careful look at these Bible verses shows us the mission of everyone baptized into the Body of Christ: we must always proclaim our faith in Christ, so that others will follow him. We may not know how the will of God might work through those we bring to Christ; that is not the point. The point is that our ongoing mission as a church is to bring others to Christ, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.

Treasures from our Tradition

“Ordinary Time” began for us this week. On the old calendar, the feast of the Presentation, still more than two weeks away, was the last day of the Christmas season. Sadly, Bethlehem is hardly a place of peace on earth these days. The ancient Christian community has been largely uprooted by political strife. The Church of the Nativity stands (barely) in remarkable disrepair and disorder in Manger Square. The roof is crumbling, the major doorways are blocked, the wiring is faulty, and the worship life is disrupted by quarrels among Eastern Christians.

The church was founded by the Emperor Constantine in 325, destroyed in a Samaritan revolt in 539, and rebuilt by the Emperor Justinian. When the area came under Muslim control in 638, the holiness of the church was respected, and in return Christians allowed Muslims to pray in the south aisle, a right still upheld. Earlier in that century, invading Persians were ordered to destroy all churches, but when they saw the magi carved over the doorway of the Church of the Nativity, they spared it out of respect for their ancestors who bore gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the same city. The Crusaders restored and redecorated the church by the twelfth century, and it is their plan that survives. Down a few stone steps is a stone grotto with a silver star marking the place of Christ’s birth: when the star was stolen in 1847 it triggered an international crisis that exploded into the Crimean War.

Since 1852, the church has been shared by the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Armenian Churches. The Greeks are in charge of the grotto, but don’t enjoy the best of friendships with the Armenians. Catholics have the care of the Chapel of the Manger, and avoid the squabbles by a separate entrance to the Franciscan monastery church of St. Catherine. Pray for peace in Bethlehem!

Seminario de Vida en el Espíritu

Para más información pueden llamar a Aurea de la Hoz (305) 733-1522, o a Ema Müller (786) 273-8015 Donación $10.00 para cubrir gastos de materiales.

Gift Shop & Book Store

Visit the Gift Shop after mass to see the wonderful selection of cards, statues, wreaths, candles, missal, Advent supplies and Christmas gifts.

Please come by and pick up a copy of the 2018 Sunday Missal.

2018 Archbishop’s Charity and Development Drive

Click on image above to view the video

One in Faith, One in Hope and One in Charity

The Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive (ABCD), our diocesan annual appeal, provides us with an opportunity to come together as one community of faith to serve the educational, physical and spiritual needs of our Catholic community here in south Florida. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we come together to advance our mission to love and serve, as Jesus did, through acts of charity and compassion to help those in need.

Our Faith is alive in our parishes and schools, in our apostolic movements and ministries, and in our various programs of outreach to the poor, the immigrant, the elderly, the homeless and the disabled. It is alive in our people, people of all backgrounds and ages, and throughout every corner of our Archdiocese. For all of us, making a gift to the ABCD is a way to give expression to the faith contained in our hearts; and for many, it is also an opportunity to give back, in thanksgiving, for the many blessings we have received from God.

If you have not already responded to the letter sent to you by Archbishop Wenski in the mail, please take time to prayerfully consider your pledge for this year. Open your hearts in support of the ABCD and the hundreds of thousands of people it helps by making a gift. Each gift makes a difference and changes lives.

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Annual Giving Statements

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Volunteers Opportunities

We currently have a few volunteer openings Click here to know more

Teens Youth Ministry

Fridays during school year. 7-9pm in Parish Hall. Free food, making new friends, singing awesome songs and learning more about Jesus and his Church. Invite your friends.

Carmen Lambert:

Middle School Youth Ministry!
For middle schoolers.

Fridays during school year. 7-9pm in Parish Hall. Contact Shafik Palis -

January 6th & 7th
5:00pm $ 788.00
8:30am $ 763.00
10:30am $ 2,141.00
12:30pm $ 1,939.00
Total $ 5,631.00
Your gift helps to fulfill the mission of reaching Miami Shores for Jesus Christ. In thanksgiving for God’s gift, please budget a generous weekly offering in proportion to your household income.
Elijah Vocation Cup

Will you commit to a week of prayer for vocations?
Please sign up at the Information Table. Thank you for your participation in this important ministry!