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Saint Martha

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Religious Education Program 2016-2017

Our warmest welcome!

Classes: Sundays, from 8:30 am to 10:00 am.

Documents required before the first day of class.

Our Vision

That children, teens, and families of our Religious Education program can discover God's love in their own hearts, so that each one may spread the light and joy of their faith and find their place in the world and in the Church.

Our Mission

To do everything possible to build a catechism an promotes the encounter of our children, teens, and families with God so that they not only hear about Jesusí name, but also, that they may love Him, recognize Him, and enter into a deeper relationship with God in their daily lives.

Our Values

Catholic and moral values will guide every decision in our Catechesis. We are guided by the question: what would Jesus do? The Religious Education Program at St Martha strives to be Spirit filled with God as the center of our catechesis. Our catechists will strive to proclaim their faith and values with their words and actions.

Objective #1: Faith

Invite children, teens, and their families to a deeper personal relationship with Christ, and the Church so that each one may discover his/her own faith to become disciples and missionaries of Christ.


Objective #2: Worship

Invite children, teens, and their families to a spiritual journey through the teachings of the faith, and through a sacramental life, intensely lived in the Eucharist and in the sacrament of Penance in order that each one may worship and discover the goodness of the Lord.


Objective #3: Witness

Invite children, teens, and their families to discipleship through Jesusí example by encouraging all to seek an encounter with others through service, charity, and truth.