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Saint Martha

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Dear Parents and God Parents,
We are happy that you have chosen to have your child baptized at St. Martha. The essential requirement for Baptism is that at least one parent commits to raising the child in the Catholic faith by practicing and attending Mass. There must be a founded hope that the infant/ children will be brought up in the Catholic religion.

Baptism for children seven (7) years and older:
Children 7 years and older must be enrolled in our Religious Education program in order to be baptized.

Baptism for infants (age 1 and under) and children (1 to 6 years old):
Parents who wish to baptize their infant and children 1 to 6 years old should follow the instructions below. We will be glad to assist you.

An infant or child in danger of death is to be baptized without delay. Please contact the office.

Through baptism men and women are freed from sin, are reborn as children of God, and, configured to Christ by an indelible character, and thus are incorporated into the Church.

Baptism Policies For Infants And Children 1 To 6 Years Old

The followed documentation should be brought to the Parish Office at least TWO WEEKS before the Baptism. Otherwise, your child’s baptism may be postponed to the next available Baptism celebration date at the parish.

When all requirements are satisfied, the date for the Baptism will be assigned at least two weeks before the Baptism.There is no charge or fee for Baptism, however there is a suggested contribution of $100. This donation is at your discretion and should be paid once all the documentation is in order.


Documentation required:

Below is a checklist to assist you with the requirements.

Checklist for Parents

Checklist for Godparents

Who can be a Godparent?

The responsibility of a Godparent is to help the baptized person lead a good Catholic life. The Godparents promise to be an example in their own life and lead a Christian life that reflects the spirit and teachings of our Catholic Religion.

Who cannot be a Godparent?

For Baptism please visit the Parish Office.