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Thank you for considering celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage with St. Martha Catholic Church! We are happy that you wish God’s blessing on your union.

Before you make an appointment to see the priest, there are certain requisites you need to know and obtain for the priest. If this will be your first and only marriage, please see the requisites under “First Time Marriages”. If either one of you have had a previous civil marriage, in addition to the requisites in the first time marriages, please refer to the “Previous Marriage-Civil” section. If either you or your fiancée have had a previous marriage in the Catholic Church, in addition to the requisites in “First Time Marriages”, please refer to the “Previous Marriage-Catholic Church” section.

If either is NOT a registered parishioner or do not live within the parish boundaries, you must obtain a letter of permission to marry at St. Martha by your Church near where you live. In some cases, you will need to meet with the priest of your home church who will assist you with the marriage preparation process and arrange to send the wedding file to our archdiocese.

We will need the following documents prior to meeting with the Priest:

First Time Marriages:

Previous Marriage – Civil

Previous Marriage – Catholic Church

Wedding Agreement

Once Priest determines your freedom to marriage, the couple will sign a Wedding Agreement.

Marriage Application

Please complete a Marriage Application and this can be faxed or scanned and emailed back to the parish or emailed to. A Priest will contact the couple for the intial interview.

For Marriage please visit the Parish Office.